Episk Cable 創於台灣,精於發燒線材的品牌

    Episk 史詩一詞為北歐語,一個充滿神話故事的發源地。幾千年來孕育出多彩文化與多元族群,如同聲音般有不同頻率與不同音節,處處影響著世人,讓音符旋律成為鼓舞人心的詩歌,也是讓心情放鬆的輕音樂。
    2018 年三位本無交集的台灣人,同樣追求心目中嚮往的聲音,而在耳機祭相遇後,交錯於彼此的道路上,進而創立 Episk Cable,對於聲音敏銳度、材料揀選及線材製作各司專業,致力於呈現音樂的美好,讓各位找到心中「史詩」般的理想聲音。

Episk cable is a new brand from Taiwan, which specialized in high-level upgrade cable for audiophile.

    Episk originates from the Norse language, the birthplace of mythical tales. For thousands of years, it has bred diverse cultures and ethnic groups. Just like sound, it has different frequencies and syllables and has influenced people everywhere, making notes and melodies become inspiring poems and light music that makes people relax.
    In 2018, three Taiwanese, who have no overlapping connections, all pursuit of their yearning voice. After they met at the headphone festival, staggered on each other's way, they establish the Episk, to dedicate to presenting the beauty of music, according to their professions of voice acuity, material selection, and wire production to let you find the "epic" ideal voice in your heart.

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